jelliu condom

jelliu condom come in various textures, shapes, falvors and styles that can increase the pleasure for you and your partner

jelliu condom help to protect both partners from some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV

If jelliu condoms always used according to instructions they are 98 per cent effective. This means that two women in 100 will get pregnant in a year

You can use condoms immediately after you have had a baby – using an additional lubricant can help to make sex more comfortable

You can use condoms immediately after having a miscarriage or abortion

It’s very important that you use extra lubrication for anal sex to reduce the risk of the condom breaking

These are condoms designed to fit a larger penis

They vary in shape and some are flared to improve comfort and to make them easier to put on

Many latex condoms contain a milk protein called casein.  Vegan condoms are free from all animal products

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