rough rider condom

rough rider condom is made of high quality natural rubber latex lubricated with special spermicidal lubricant

rough rider condom not only neytralizes sperm but also increases sexual stamine

store in cool dry place

rough rider condom come in various textures, shapes, falvors and styles that can increase the pleasure for you and your partner

There are also ones that can delay ejaculation so that sex lasts longer

Since no birth control method is 100% effective using a backup method like a condom just adds protection

Many people wonder if a condom is the best option for birth control for them

Other good tips are to keep each other stimulated before and during putting it on. This can be done by kissing and touching throughout the process

How effective any contraceptive is depends on how old you are, how often you have sex and whether you follow the instruction

condoms are suitable for most people

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